Atomuffler and Ball Valve Steampunk Table Lamp

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  • Bespoke hand crafted lamp
  • Creative repurposing and upcycling of a variety of industrial components
  • The third in a unique “trilogy” of steampunk lights crafted by the same artist

Another for the lovers of science fiction where the artist has further built on his anachronistic style for the first two lamps in the trilogy, combining different industrial components to create an art light.

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Atomuffler and Ball Valve Steampunk Table Lamp Description

As with the first and second lights in this theme, this steampunk table lamp also transcends pure function. In addition to providing ambient lighting this is an interesting art piece in itself which will complement a variety of decor themes.

As this lamp is handmade there will not be another like it and will undoubtedly make a statement in your home.

Table lamps have a wide scope of application and the design of this particular lamp is also guaranteed to attract attention wherever it’s placed.

Incorporating technology with aesthetic design, steampunk, is a subgenre of science fiction. Inspired by industrial steam powered machinery, works of this nature are associated with futuristic inventions and fictional machines as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them.

Atomuffler and Ball Valve Steampunk Table Lamp Specifications

Galvanised steel pipes and fittings
Incorporated aluminium industrial atomuffler, ball valve and turbine
Includes Edison type light globe
Height: 55 cm
Weight: approximately 2 kg

Additional technical installation information
220volt, 3 pin plug, inline switch
Bayonet bulb holder

This Atomuffler and Ball Valve Steampunk Table Lamp can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please enquire for details at [email protected]

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