Hand Carved Zambian Djembe Drums




• Hand carved from a single piece of solid wood
• Cowhide drum head
• Tall, unique design
• Authentic African drums

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Hand Carved Zambian Djembe Drums Descriptions

These bespoke djembe drums were handcrafted by Paul Kayoka, an accomplished Zambian drum maker located on the roadside between Lusaka and Munali Hills on the route to Livingstone. He has crafted drums for many renowned musicians and is himself an exceptional drummer. These are not common tourist pieces and whilst they were designed specifically for use as decor they are functional and may be of interest to musicians for their intended purpose. Their size they will add impact to any African decor theme.

Hand Carved Zambian Djembe Drums Specifications

Height: 105/100/93cm
Diameter: 41/48/36cm

This item can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please inquire for details at [email protected]

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