Large Chokwe Female Drum Mask

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  • Ornate hand carving
  • Carved from a single piece of solid wood
  • Cow hide drum head
  • Chokwe tribal design
  • Equivalent male carving is also available

Unique African tribal art. An artistic musical creation by a very skilled craftsman

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Large Chokwe Female Drum Mask Description

This large ceremonial drum, ornately carved from a single piece of wood, is a highly decorative and functional musical instrument. Drums of this nature would only have been played during special ceremonies within tribal villages of the Chokwe people residing in Angola.

The Chokwe people are renowned for their skill in creating beautiful wood carvings and ceremonial face masks in particular. Whilst an abundance of face masks are readily available, it’s not common to find a large drum carved in the form of a person holding a mask to their face. A master craftsman would have spent months carving this piece and it would have had significance within tribal culture. It’s not something which would be found in a curio market dealing in tourist souveniers.

As a musical instrument this drum would undoubtedly hold attraction for a variety of musicians. It is however in itself a beautiful carving so would also appeal to purveyors of African art in general as an interesting display piece.

Large Chokwe Female Drum Mask Specifications

Height: 106 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Weight: approximately 15 kg
Wood type is unknown
Drum head: cow hide

This Large Chokwe Female Drum Mask can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please enquire for details at [email protected]

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