Large Vintage Jasba Ceramic Vase

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  •  Large vase
  • Collectible numbered piece 159035
  • Retro design and colors
  • Internationally acclaimed manufacturer

Place this stunning vintage vase in a position in your home that catches your eye and reminds you of the swinging sixties and brings a happy smile to your face.

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Large Vintage Jasba Ceramic Vase Description

The Jasba pottery in Germany has been creating their products since 1926 to the present day but unfortunately due to economic constraints they no longer make these unique art pieces so you are unlikely to find too many of them around in years to come. They now mainly make kitchen tiles. The Jasba pottery was started by Jakob Schwaderlapp in Ransbach-Baumbach in Western Germany. The name Jasba is made up by the first 2 letters in Jakob, the S is from Schwaderlapp and the last two letters are from Baumbach.

Large Vintage Jasba Ceramic Vase Specifications

Height: 35cm
Diameter: 25cm
Made in Germany, 1960 – 1969
Green and brown in colouring
Approximate weight 1 kg

This large green and brown, nicely glazed, ceramic vase could be the centrepiece on your coffee table in the sitting room, empty and attractive in it’s stark beauty or perhaps be placed in the middle of your dining table filled with fragrant flowers and be the talking point of your dinner guests.

This vase can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please enquire for details at [email protected]

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