Pair of Hand Carved Chokwe stools

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  • Hand carved
  • Authentic African art
  • Detailed, intricate wood carving
  • One of a kind
  • Matching pair, priced individually

As you look at these stools they evoke images of dark African nights with flickering firelight dancing across the faces of the Chokwe people seated around a fire telling stories and carving these amazing historical works of art.

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Pair of Hand Carved Chokwe stools Description

The Chokwe people are an ethnic group of Central and Southern Africa. They can be found in Angola, the south western parts of the DRC and the north western parts of Zambia. There are estimated to be 1.3 million Chokwe people in existence today. In the north the Chokwe people are known as skilled hunters but in the south they are predominantly crop and cattle farmers. They are regionally famous for their craft works, mainly with baskets, mask carvings, pottery, stools and statues. Whilst their work includes utilitarian objects it also incorporates the oral history and spiritual beliefs and mythology of the Chokwe people.

Pair of Hand Carved Chokwe stools Specifications

Single person small stools
These beautifully detailed, hand carved stools were undoubtedly the work of a Chokwe master carver
Hand carved from local solid hard wood
Suitable for use as either stools or side tables

Height: 43cm
Diameter: 32cm
Weight: approximately 5kg

These two stools are original works of art. The fact that there are no others exactly like them adds to their value and interest. They’re small enough to fit into any environment but big enough to be useful. They will definitely be a taking point in any setting within which they find themselves.

This Chokwe stool can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please enquire for details at [email protected]


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